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Success Outcomes

Gateway Financial’s Employee Benefit Analytics has saved its clients millions of dollars. Through the broad knowledge of our experienced professionals, our understanding of our client’s objectives, proprietary tools and resources, and the application of our defined approach, our clients have reaped tremendous rewards as a result of working with our team. Here are a few examples:

Consolidated health care program of a 2,200-employee steel industry client formed by the merger of two corporations. Through the application of Our Process, client generated savings of over $4,400,000 annually from the prior design and administrators.

Annual Savings

By applying our proprietary sourcing process and reverse auction technology, a Fortune 100 manufacturer saw its annual Group Term Life Insurance “spend” reduced by $5,500,000 and secured by a five-year rate guarantee providing long-term rate stability.

Annual Savings

Consolidated the health care benefits for a national professional services firm from 50 plan options and six insurers to five options and one insurer. Utilizing detailed plan analysis and an administrator supported by an on-line enrollment platform. Annual savings were over $750,000.

Annual Savings

Streamlined the health care program for an 1800-employee public sector employer spending $20,000,000 annually. Employer maintains ten collective bargaining units and 180 unique rating structures while maintaining three separate administrators. Effort reaped $760,000 annually.

Annual Savings

A 9,200-employee energy company reduced its annual Group Life insurance cost by $1,050,000 and secured a four-year rate guarantee. By applying our proprietary sourcing process and technology, savings was generated and re-allocated to fund employer wellness initiatives.

Annual Savings